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Heritage Eco Village at Ramakkalmedu, Idukki, Kerala

Situated at Ramakkalmedu, an amazingly serene hamlet in Idukki, Salaams Raama Heritage Eco Village is more than a simple destination for your leisure time. It provides you an opportunity to go back in time and enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the old times. Designed to offer the most nature-esque experience, this Heritage Eco Village is more than what meets the eye and offers an experience of a lifetime.

Salaams Raama aims to reflect the practices of a working village of the bygone era, letting you experience environmental-friendly living, practices and culture.

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Feel the touch of nature!

Idukki, being one of the most beautiful districts of God?s own country is the place where you will find nature rejuvenating itself as time goes by. Salaams Raama, engulfed with lush green environment and a pleasant climate welcomes you to redefine yourself and to put away all your worries aside, to let nature bring you at peace.

Salaams Raama offers you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of Ramakkalmedu, a hamlet in Idukki district of Kerala. Ramakkalmedu at the heights of the Western Ghats is the right place to enjoy your leisure time with family and friends.

The Best Experience of a Lifetime

Unlike luxury resorts, Salaams Raama presents you with an opportunity to travel back in time and live a life that is close to mother nature.

Quality Services, Every Single Time

Through multiple phases, Salaams Raama has constructed its unique design, infrastructure and other aspects that ensure the ideal close-to-nature living. So, nothing goes out of the way.

Your Happiness Is Ours Too

At Salaams Raama, we are committed to making you and keeping you happy, throughout your stay at our place. We love your smiles as much as you do.

100% Peace

Enjoy the beauty of Nature

Live a life close to Nature…

Our Resort Values

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Resort Quality

Salaams Raama wants to offer the best-quality accommodation and exploration services to our customers, even while keeping everything environment-friendly. Our activities and infrastructure would familiarize you with the concepts and practices of a heritage eco village.

  • 100% Hygienic Restaurant
  • Timely Maintenance
  • Nature-Friendly Construction
  • Ready-to-Access Essential Services
  • Strong Customer Relations
  • Adventurous Activities


The vision of Salaams Raama is to recreate a unique environmental-friendly living experience that reflects a unique value of enjoying the serenity of nature. Salaams Raama also aims to recreate the experience of one working village of the old time, keeping the cultural details intact.


Salaams Raama believes that its success depends on how genuinely we can represent the eco heritage village to our customers. It?s also about the ecstatic feel they have on their face while savoring the unique dishes of Kerala culture.

Our Activities

Pick a room that best suits your preference and budget

How You Can Spend Quality Time at Salaams Raama Heritage Eco Village

At Salaams Raama, you can engage in a variety of activities such as agriculture, conversation of nature, nature-friendly accommodation and an impressive tour of the culinary vernaculars of Kerala. Apart from other options like trekking, forest riding and water skiing, Salaams Raama can offer customized packages for that restless soul inside you.


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